Hövding — Give a beep

We made it possible for cyclists to give a beep about London cycling safety, with a new kind of bicycle bell that encourages the Mayor to give a beep too – and we helped Hövding move from “only” saving lives everyday to also saving lives tomorrow.

We developed a new bike bell for Hövding – the brand that created the first air bag for cyclists 10 years ago. The new bike bell allowed cyclists not only to alert others in traffic to their presence but also city planners to danger spots and the Mayor to his promises towards the London cycling community. With the help of Flic technology each click of the bike bell registered geo-position on an interactive map available at the campaign site, tweeted a frustration-tweet and sent an email to the Mayor´s office reminding him on his earlier pledge to improve London cycling infrastructure.

This campaign needed our prime target group, London cyclists, to actually execute the campaign themselves – by riding around London beeping away. Together with our partner Mynewsdesk, we managed this by teaming up with London´s largest cycling organization the London Cycling Campaign. Together with them we earned unique legitimacy to adress cyclists and get them involved in the campaign. That way we managed to get 500 die hard cyclists to sign up for a bike bell and start giving a beep about cycling safety on London roads. Bike bells were distrtibuted at pick-up points, via mail and by appointment for a week.